Warsaw – where to eat? For all of us who are young at heart <3

A friend of mine asked me for some restaurants recommendation because her friend was coming to visit Warsaw from Vienna for a couple of days in early May. As drafted the list I thought I will share it also with you. Maybe some of you will find it useful when visiting the city.  My friend’s friend is a young girl so the list is more suitable for young visitors or at least those young at heart!


Modern fine dining and one of my fav in Warsaw: AleWino, 48th Mokotowska Street (reservations needed!).

Pierogi and other Polish typical dishes – you can have them in many restaurants with Polish cuisine or in bars, but two places you may want to try:

Stary Dom – they have pierogi but also beef tartare and other Polish specialities; 104/106th Puławska Str.

Schabowy – small bistro in a residential area, they specialise in Schabowy dish which is a kind of typical Polish variation of Wiener Schniztel and they have nice pierogies, beef tartare and other Polish classics; 1st Obrzeżna Str.

Amazing Vegan and Vegetarian:

Yumiko Vegan Sushi – Vegan sushi but so beautiful and amazing in taste that you have to try this! (order a tasting menu – 6 courses, delicious!) They have also small nice garden for eating al fresco; 62nd Hoża Str. (Very central location) – picture above is taken in Yumiko, as I visited the place yesterday 🙂

Shuk – amazing vegetarian cuisine based on Middle East traditions, but with amazing cocktail bar. Located not very much in the centre of the city, but worth going there; reservation needed, also very nice place for breakfast!; 107th Grójecka Str.

Amazing Asian:

Uki Uki – udon noodle bar, Japanese, best in the city; try udon and some tempura there; 23/31st Krucza Str.

Vegan Ramen Shop – they say that although it is a vegan ramen it’s best of all Warsaw’s ramen shops!; 12a Finlandzka Str.

Best Burgers:

Burger Bar – no better burger joint than this one on 74/80 Puławska Str. (They have another bar next door called Pekin Express with good Beijing cuisine)


Kubek w Kubek, nice place, great eggs benedicts, it’s better to do a reservation there; 16th Grażyny Str.

Mezze – Middle East type of cuisine with great shakshuka for breakfast; no meat served there.; 1st Różana Str.

Charlotte – where all hipsters of Warsaw hang out throughout the day and night; They have a bakery there so breakfasts are nice, plus a glass of prosecco is available from the very morning 😉 Located in one of the most popular and fancy squares in Warsaw – Plac Zbawiciela

Shuk – as mentioned above.

Places to hang out in the evening

Vistula (Wisła) river bank and boulevards;

Especially in the area of Metro Station „Centrum Kopernika”; You can have a dinner for example on Barka Wynurzenie – barge; and have a walk along the river to the South with lots of other places to have a drink or even dance at night.

You can also buy a beer in the liquor or grocery store and sit on the boulevard stairs and drink it with friends – it’s legal there!

Not far from Vistula you have LAS restaurant and cocktail bar – great casual cuisine and good coctails, with nice garden / terrace

Area of Poznańska Street, Wilcza Street nad Piękna Street – lots of nice cocktail bars there plus Koszyki at Koszykowa Str. if you like sort of market-like bars and restaurant indoor places;

Area of Plac Zbawiciela – as mentioned above (Charlotte)

Cocktail bars:

There are som nice at Krucza Street: Cocktail Bar Max and Kita Koguta and other.

More student and young people place (a bit underground, but not too artistic 😉 – Pawilony at the back of Nowy Świat Street (tens of small beer pubs and cocktail bars with cheep alcohol)


Łazienki Park – old historical park, outdoor open for public Chopin piano concerts on Sunday mornings (check if they started already after winter)

Pole Mokotowskie – where all the young people come to have a picnic and drink a beer siting on blankets (drinking alcohol in the public is not quite legal here)

Moving around in Warsaw:

Metro and public transport are ok and cheep

Uber is available

Veturillo – city bikes system – very convenient

Lime and several other electric scooters for short rides are available also

Napisz, co o tym myślisz

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