I am.

Mother of two wonderful humans: Zuzanna and Sebastian. A happy partner in a long-term relationship. Professionally – I am a co-founder and CEO of the Ulala Chef platform. A bit crazy but a pragmatic woman. I think I’m quite brave and open-minded. Full of flaws and weaknesses. I also have several advantages.

I love.

I love falling in love. I have a lot of fascinations – some last short, others longer. Thanks to them I get to know the world better and deeper. I love traveling, long car driving throughout Poland and Europe. Traveling by plane. Although I consider airports one of the sadder places on Earth (someday I may write why). I love Italy, I love the Alps, a few other places, I am fascinated by New York, although I have spent there maybe twenty days in total. I love good food, meeting friends and acquaintances. I love wandering outside, I like everything better outside. I love books, music, cinema.

I love my children, but that’s a completely different matter. And I’m just wondering how to love them wisely. But they are grown-ups now. It’s too late to think about it 😉 I don’t know if I want to write here about my love for Piotr. It is probably not a topic for this blog.

I think.

I am fascinated by the world. The changes I see. I am fascinated by technology and how it affects our functioning. On how we communicate, how we learn, how we live in a society, how we create value, how we consume it. I am fascinated by social media, mostly in the cultural and social context, but also in business. I look at the world – I want to share my thoughts, I want to learn all the time, I want to discover. I see great value in sharing with others, it is what drives me, it is what stimulates me.

That is how I am.

(You can follow me also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

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