9 best podcasts of 2019. What to listen in 2020?

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(This article was initially published on my LinkedIn profile)

I started to explore the podcast content for the first time around 12 months ago and now I can only say: why so late?! When I finally got there I was amazed at how great the content is at your fingertips. It is definitely my favourite medium today and I consume it in large quantities. I decided to summarise here a list of my favourite podcasts that I listened to in 2019. Maybe you are looking for an inspiration to choose your first podcasts and this list will be useful to you. And if you have other podcasts you would recommend, please do!

I also mentioned below my discovery of the year in podcasts – „The Portal”. But this is so phenomenal that it needs a separate post only about this. Highly recommended!

Podcasts in English

·     a16z – covers tech and culture trends, news, and the future

·     Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – covering the topic of growing company scale

·     Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway – insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics.

·     Recode Decode with Kara Swisher – Silicon Valley’s journalist, hosts interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities

·     Starting Greatness with Mike Maples – lessons from the startup super performers

·     Tim Ferris Show – legendary podcast, long conversations with high performers

Podcasts in Polish

  • Olek Wandzel Podcast – interviews with business leaders from Poland
  • Greg Albrecht Podcast: wszystkie twarze biznesu – interviews with Polish entrepreneurs that have built their businesses from scratch. (Actually I was also honoured to be a guest on this podcast – you can find this episode here)

My podcast discovery of the year:

The Portal with Eric Weinstein – deep conversations with outstanding people


Waiting list – want to listen:

·     Making Sence with Sam Harris

·     Recode Media with Peter Kafka

·     Red Scare

·     ReWork by Basecamp

·     The James Altucher Show

·     All in the Industry

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